Railway transport

The distinguishing feature is the use of rail cargo handling terminals at border crossings Kuznica/Bruzgi (Sokółka), Terespol/Brest (Malaszewicze, Kowalewo, Kobylany) and Siemianowka/Svisloch. There is reloading of goods from narrow-gauge wagon to broad gauge wagon and also from the trailers to wagons. What is more we provide storage service on the terminals in Sokolka and Siemianowka. We have got 120 m2 indoor storage in Biala Podlaska as well. We provide full service freight forwarding and customs in each of the three terminals.


Railway/multimodal transport scheme looks like this: we send trucks for the loading to specified by the customer place. Then we deliver the goods to the reloading terminal. We order broad gauge wagon and we reload the goods from the truck to the wagon under supervision of specialized staff. We secure the goods in such way that during the transport there is no possibility to damage. Then we seal the wagon and send to destination place. We take photos during reloading and sealing to make the customer sure that everything is properly done. We send all photos the same day.


Furthermore we prepare all necessary documents to rail transport: consignment note SMGS, customs clearance documents on customer's request.


What is more, we monitor the route of the wagon every day. We are able to define the date of wagon arrival at the destination station.



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